Repair Advice For A Non-Responsive Garage Door Keypad

If you have an automatic garage door opener, you may have a keypad on the outside that lets you activate it. Sometimes, this pad doesn't respond at all. If you're currently dealing with this issue, here is some repair advice to consider. 

Check the Batteries First

Before you start implementing extensive repair measures for a non-responsive garage door keypad, you first need to see if the batteries are dead. They may have died completely and are thus keeping said system from getting power. This is a simple thing to check and fix though.

You just need to take the batteries out and use them with something else. If they don't power the device, you know the batteries are dead and should look for replacements. Whereas if the batteries do work with other devices, then there is something else going on with your garage door keypad. 

Inspect the Condition of Wiring

If the batteries are still good, then there might be something happening with the wiring that's connected to your garage door keypad. Wires may have come loose or torn completely, which would be the reason why this keypad isn't working at all. 

You can open up the keypad's housing unit and then expose the wires for a thorough inspection. If you see any signs of damage, hire a garage door repair contractor to address these wires. They'll try to salvage them first with a repair to save you money. If the wires are beyond repair, they can suggest replacements and get them hooked up according to code.

Have Professionals Troubleshoot Coding Errors 

The keypad is paired with your garage door opener and thus uses coding sequences to communicate with it. Sometimes, coding errors occur and thus keep the keypad from working. You'll know that this is happening if the keypad's batteries and wires are still in good condition, and yet it still doesn't activate the garage door opener.

Repairing this problem isn't something you may feel comfortable with. Instead, you may want to hire a garage door repair contractor who can re-code the keypad correctly in no time. They can then test the keypad to make sure it's responding like it should.

Having a garage door keypad that doesn't work at all can be frustrating, but there are plenty of repair options you have available. You just need to inspect the keypad carefully and review various components until you know for certain what's going on. Then you can plan a suitable repair quickly. 

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