Installation Tips For New Garage Doors

If you have a garage door that is no longer operational — whether it has too many dents or severe corrosion — you want to get a new one ASAP. Just make sure you're careful about how this replacement is set up, using a couple of key suggestions along the way. 

Measure the Existing Door

So that you have no trouble getting a new garage door in place on the track up at the top of your garage, you need to take measurements of the existing door. Then you can use them to find a well-sized replacement garage door that fits, making your installation go a lot smoother.

You'll need both the width and height dimensions of the current garage door on your property. Take your time and double-check if you have to, so you can ensure you order a compatible replacement garage door to begin this install off right.

Make Sure New Door Is Level

An important goal to have when installing a new garage door is making sure it's level. This matters from a functional standpoint and also a visual one, as no one wants to have a crooked garage door that throws everything out of balance on the exterior. 

If the garage door isn't already level when it sits on the ground, you may have to make adjustments. That might include cutting a portion of the door's bottom if you have the appropriate tools or adding supportive structures that get the door properly leveled. 

Don't Forget to Add Weatherstripping

You don't want to get too far ahead of yourself when installing a garage door and forget the weatherstripping. It plays such an important role in the overall protection of your garage door and being able to seal out the elements successfully.

If your garage door came with weatherstripping already, you can trust it will fit around your garage door perfectly. If you do have to order a set yourself, make sure it's truly weatherproof and comes with user-friendly setup mechanisms. For instance, weatherstrips that are installed with industrial nails and screws are very easy to secure along the side and bottom of your new garage door.

A new garage door may be the perfect investment for your home, especially if you've had the same one for decades. Just make sure you put together feasible installation plans that allow you to work safely and efficiently. Then this structure won't be too much to handle when getting it in place.

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