More Than Just A Convenience: The Many Benefits Of Using An Automatic Garage Door Opener

There is no doubt that the ability to open or close your garage door without ever leaving your vehicle is a wonderful convenience. However, the use of an automatic garage door opener comes with many benefits outside of simple convenience. If you have yet to install an automatic door opener in your garage, taking the time to explore these additional benefits can help you to better understand why you should schedule the installation of a new automatic garage door opener as soon as possible.

Come Home To A Well Lit Garage

Automatic garage door openers offer an overhead light that is automatically triggered when the door is opened. These overhead lights allow you to always come home to a well-lit garage without the need to leave a light on all day. This is an important safety measure that ensures you are able to be fully aware of your surroundings even when arriving home late at night. 

Provide Extra Security For Your Home

If you have an attached garage, an automatic garage door opener can help to provide additional security for your home, your family, and all of your possessions. This is because automatic garage door openers use what is known as a rolling code. What this means is that the code or signal that your remote sends to open the garage door will actually change each time you press the button on your remote opener. This helps to ensure that potential thieves are not able to access your garage and are therefore unable to access your home through this entrance point. 

Another way in which garage door openers are now beginning to improve home security is through the use of mobile apps. Many of the newest models on the market now offer a mobile app interface that allows you to be immediately notified on your mobile device each time your garage door is opened or closed. If an unauthorized person does find a way to access your garage door, you will know immediately and will be able to respond appropriately by contacting law enforcement. 

Decrease Wear And Tear On Your Garage Door

Not only is an automatic garage door opener beneficial for you, but it is actually beneficial for your door as well. This is because manually operating your door can actually put a great deal of wear and tear on the mechanical parts of your door as you attempt to successfully gain enough momentum to get the door open despite its weight. Automatic garage door openers can help to minimize this wear and tear by opening and closing the door at a controlled and even speed each time. 

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