3 Options for Glass Garage Doors

You might think of solid metal or wood when you picture the material from which a garage door is made, but it's important to know that there are other options available to you. Glass garage doors are popular among many people who own modern-looking homes, as this style can be a good complement to modern architecture. Glass garage doors aren't generally one solid piece of glass. Instead, they consist of a frame with several small pieces of glass throughout. If you're interested in this type of garage door, here are three options to consider.

Clear Glass

One option to consider for your garage door is clear glass. The amount of light that can pass through this type of glass helps to make the garage's interior feel not only bright but also spacious. If your garage is on the smaller side and sometimes feels a bit cramped, the clear glass design may be a good choice. Some people who choose clear glass garage doors do so when their garages aren't visible from the street. The clear glass obviously allows people to see into the garage, so you may favor this look only if your garage is behind your home or otherwise hidden.

Tinted Glass

If your garage is close to the street and the idea of clear glass concerns you, tinted glass can be another option to think about. Tinted glass provides a high degree of privacy, especially if you opt for a darker tint. Additionally, if you have tinted windows on the front of your home, the garage door can be a good visual match. You may also favor tinted glass if you spend a lot of time working in your garage with the door closed and you don't want it to get too hot. Just like the tinted glass in a vehicle, a glass garage door with tinted glass will reduce the amount of heat that gets through.

Frosted Glass

Glass garage doors are also available with frosted glass, which can be an appealing look. Like tinted glass, frosted glass will provide some privacy. This can make it a good choice if the front of your garage is visible from the street. Frosted glass can also help the interior of your garage to feel bright and spacious, as it will often allow more light to enter than space than tinted glass. A garage door company can show you samples of each of these options as well as suggest different types of door frames so you can determine which option best complements your home. 

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