5 Signs That Your Wood Garage Door Needs Repairs

A wood garage door is an attractive addition to any home, but it does require maintenance and periodic repairs to function properly.

1. Peeling Paint

Peeling, flaking, and blistering paint is more than just an appearance issue when it comes to a wooden garage door. Paint provides a protective layer between the wood and the elements. When the paint begins to fail, moisture can seep into the wood garage door panels and lead to rot. Failing paint means you need to have the door sanded and repainted or weather-sealed as soon as possible. Once rot sets in, replacement may be the only option.

2. Cracked Wood

Cracks in the wood are a major issue. Cracked wood panels have either been damaged by an external force or they are drying out and weathering. Either way, moisture can seep into those cracks and cause issues like rot. Further, since a garage door moves the cracks are likely to get larger and more severe over time due to the movement and door vibration. A repair service may be able to fill and patch the cracks if they are minor. Otherwise, the damaged panel must be replaced.

3. Rot Symptoms

Rot can be easy to spot once you take the time to look. If moss or mold is growing on the door, you need to check the affected panels for rot since these things grow only on a moist substrate. Bubbling paint is another symptom of rot. If a garage door panel has rotted, it will be soft enough for your fingernail to easily dent it. There are no fixes for rot. The affected panel will need to be replaced.

4. Damaged Hardware

Loose hinges, wobbly roller wheels, and poorly aligned latches are common hardware issues for a wooden garage door. Some issues occur as the door ages and the wood shrinks. In this case, the hardware may need to be replaced so it aligns better, or the old bolt holes may require refilling and fresh drilling. Issues with the roller wheels or other opening hardware can usually be remedied by simply replacing the worn-out hardware.

5. Operation Issues

A door that is hanging unevenly or won't open and close evenly has issues with the track, the tension springs, or the door panels themselves. Tracks should first be checked for damages or alignment issues and repaired as needed. Next, have the springs inspected and then replaced if necessary. If these aren't the problem, the door must be checked to see if it has warped or otherwise suffered damages that prevent proper operation.

Contact a contractor or supplier of garage doors for more assistance with your wood door.

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