Possible Reasons Why Your Garage Door Might Need New Springs

There are a variety of different things that can go wrong with a garage door. For example, the springs can break. If this has happened to your garage door, then you might be wondering why. These are some of the possible reasons why your garage door might need new springs.

1. Your Springs are Worn Out

The most common reason why garage door springs often fail is because of their age. Garage door springs typically only last for a certain number of uses before they start to wear out. If your garage door springs are old, it isn't uncommon for them to break. Luckily, a professional can replace the springs, which should remedy the problem. Plus, they can take a look at other components of your older garage door to determine if additional repairs and maintenance are needed.

2. There Was an Issue During Installation

If there was some type of issue when your garage door springs were installed, this could be the root of the garage door spring issue that you are dealing with right now. For example, if you have had your garage door springs replaced at some point, there is a chance that something might have gone wrong along the way. A spring of the wrong type or size might have been used, or the spring might have been installed improperly.

If one of these issues has occurred, you will probably need to have your garage door spring replaced during the repair. You probably will not want to do it yourself; after all, replacing a garage door spring can be dangerous, and there is a chance you will make a mistake during the installation that can cause future issues. Instead, consider hiring a professional who has experience with replacing garage door springs to ensure the job is done properly.

3. The Springs Haven't Been Maintained Properly

Many people assume that garage door springs don't really need maintenance after they are installed. However, if you want them to hold up well for as long as possible, you should perform some maintenance on them. 

For example, to prevent rust, you should make sure to keep your garage door springs dry. Lubricating them from time to time with a small amount of grease can help you ensure that they can do their job properly and can help you prevent unnecessary wear and tear. If you are having faulty garage door springs replaced now, make sure to maintain them to prevent future problems.

If you have more questions about garage door spring repair, contact a local professional for more information.

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