Here's Why Your Garage Door Might Be Drafty

That draft you feel in your garage isn't a good thing, and chances are it's caused by something that needs to be repaired fast. While minor repairs — a scratch here, a chip there — can wait, anything causing a draft should get looked at immediately. Not only do you want to repair the problem, but you also want to save your home's utility bills, which can go up if the garage is letting cool or hot air in.

The Weatherstripping Is Gone

The most obvious potential cause is that the weatherstripping is damaged or missing. This is also among the easier issues to have fixed; while you might be able to install weatherstripping yourself, though, it's better to call a garage door company to do this repair. Garage doors are huge, and trying to get the weatherstripping to stick along the top or other hard-to-reach places may be difficult for you. Don't ignore this repair, by the way; if the weatherstripping is bad, and the temperature in the garage fluctuates too much. That fluctuation can affect the temperature in the rest of your home and raise your utility bills as your home's cooling or heating system tries to compensate.

It's Out of Alignment

It's possible the door is out of alignment. Maybe the tracks are bent a bit, or the door is slightly dented and you just haven't noticed until now. You can take a look around the door to see what might be causing the problem, but again, don't try to repair it yourself (unless the problem turns out to be something like dirt in the tracks that you can clean away easily). A misalignment usually isn't that simple to repair, although it should be a straightforward process once the repair company confirms the cause.

You're Not Closing It Fully

If you're not used to your garage door closing mechanism — understandable if you have just moved into the house and are used to being in places that don't have garages — you could just not be closing the door completely. Sometimes the door can meet the ground rather harshly, leading people to be overly cautious about lowering the door. If you think the door-closing mechanism is really too fast, have it inspected.

Call a garage door repair company today to arrange for a tech to look it over and find the draft. The sooner you have this done, the sooner you can go back to making fun plans and living your life, rather than wondering about a drafty door.

For more information, reach out to a garage door repair technician. 

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