Addressing Your Commercial Garage Door Problems

Commercial garage doors are found in many businesses. However, business owners will often find that these doors can be a source of problems that will have to be addressed. The first step in being prepared to handle these problems will be to have a thorough understanding of the issues that are the most likely to impact the business's garage doors.

Why Is Moisture Seeping In Through The Commercial Garage Door?

Moisture seeping under and around the sides of the garage door is a problem that can lead to substantial flooding of your interior workspace. Generally, this is one of the easier garage door problems to have repaired. Faulty weatherstripping along the sides of the door and the bottom can create gaps that will allow water to pass through. This problem can be especially problematic when stores are producing high winds as this can drive the rain into the building, which will make it easier for the rain to make it through these openings.

Will You Have To Replace The Spring?

The torsion spring is the component that will play the most important role in raising and lowering the door. Over time, this spring will suffer wear, but it should last for many years before it needs to be replaced. A leading reason for needing to replace this spring can be due to corrosion forming on its exterior. This rust will weaken the spring and reduce its elasticity, and both of these effects can make it increasingly likely that the spring will snap and suddenly fail. If the spring ever starts to show signs of experiencing these images, it will have to be replaced in order to keep the garage door system functional.

Can Anything Be Done For Sensors That Are Regularly Damaged?

Safety sensors along the base of the garage door will prevent it from causing injuries or damage by closing on people and equipment. Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of a commercial garage can make it easy for these sensors to become misaligned or damaged. If this problem is occurring on a regular basis for your business, you may need to invest in having them moved. By moving the sensors more out of the path of foot traffic and away from storage areas, you can reduce the risk of them being disturbed. The costs of adjusting the positioning of these sensors will be much more affordable than paying to have them replaced every time they suffer damage or needing to pay to have them recalibrated after being disturbed.

Contact a commercial garage door repair service for more information.

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