What Can A Garage Door Service Do For You?

Many people use their garages for much more than storing vehicles. Your garage can be a storage area, a workshop, or even an extra room in your house. Your garage door is an important part of the garage that allows you to protect your belongings. You can keep your garage door working well and avoid unnecessary repairs by taking advantage of a garage door service. Here are four things a garage door service can do for you:

1. Inspect your garage door.

Catching potential problems before they worsen can save you money over time. A garage door serviceperson will inspect your garage door. They will look for signs of damage, especially along the joints of modular doors. They will also make sure your garage door tracks are straight and undamaged and that your springs are intact. Your garage door serviceperson will also check to make sure your manual door release lever is still in good working order.

2. Grease moving parts.

Automatic garage doors feature several moving parts. Your garage door is supported by high-tension springs that carry most of its weight. When you open or close the garage door, the motor raises or lowers it using either a belt, chain, or screw mechanism. These moving parts need to be properly lubricated in order to prevent grinding, which can strip the metal and cause damage. Your garage door serviceperson will grease all the moving parts of your garage door to ensure it stays serviceable and rust-free.

3. Maintain the tracks.

Your garage door moves along two tracks that allow a set of wheels to move up and down. These tracks should be kept clean and clear at all times. Over time, debris can get stuck in the tracks, in the form of insects, leaves, and twigs. Large pieces of debris might cause your garage door to become misaligned or fall out of the track entirely. Your garage door serviceperson will thoroughly clean your garage door tracks to protect your garage door.

4. Check the wiring and change batteries.

Automatic garage doors rely on electricity in order to work. During your garage door servicing appointment, a technician can check the wiring of your garage door opener to ensure there are no loose connections that could cause problems. They may also change the batteries in the remote controls that allow you to operate the garage door so you won't find yourself suddenly unable to get back into your garage.

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